DCS School of Flying admits, trains, and refers students without
regard to race, color, sex or national origin.


Simply Put:    We will teach you how to fly a single engine plane.

Upon completion of the DCS School of Flying program, students will be ready to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.

This will be done through the completion of 13 objectives:

1). Complete a comprehensive Pre-Flight Inspection
2). Safely Taxi the aircraft in various settings and be able to identify and explain the meaning of various airport ground signs.
3). Safely take-off and land in various conditions and settings, such as cross-wind, short field, and soft field conditions.
4). Safely conduct level flight, climbs and descents, shallow and medium turns, and understand and be able to explain the aeronautical principles behind these maneuvers.
5). Safely perform ground-referenced maneuvers such as turns around a rectangular course, turns around a point, and S Turns.
6). Safely perform performance maneuvers such as steep turns, slow flight, power on and power off stalls.
7). Understand and safely demonstrate emergency procedures at various stages of flight.
8). Safely and correctly enter the traffic pattern at both towered and non-towered airports and maneuver into landing position.
9). Demonstrate good radio communication with Air Traffic Control and other pilots. This will be done by speaking with ground and tower at towered airports, making traffic calls on non-towered airports, and speaking with approach control to facilitate flight following.
10). Plan a cross country trip, using VFR Sectional charts, making calculations and corrections for winds and compass errors, and safely fly that trip using the Pilotage method.
11). Learn basic Instrument Skills to be used in the event of inadvertent entrance into Instrument Conditions.
12). Complete the Private Pilot Knowledge Test with a passing score of 70% or better.
13). Pass the Private Pilot Practical Test and obtain your Private Pilot Certificate.


Students must: :

1). Provide proof of US Citizenship (Birth Certificate/Drivers License, or US Passport)
2). Be at least 16 years of age in order to solo. 17 years of age to obtain the certificate. No minimum age required to begin instruction.
3). Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language.
4). Be able to take and pass at least a Third-Class Medical Certificate.
5). Obtain a US Student Pilot Certificate (Or Sport or Recreational Pilot)
6). Be able to perform basic math skills (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing)

(Students will obtain the Student Pilot Certificate while in class. Third Class Medical may be obtained at any time, but must be completed before being able to fly solo in any aircraft.)
DCS School of Flying Phone:
(717) 586-9648