DCS School of Flying has chosen to use the Sporty's Ground Instruction On-Line Course.

The benefit of this course is that you can proceed at your own pace, moving more quickly through things that you understand, and being able to review topics that are giving you more trouble.  We have found this to be a much more cost effective method than instructing all of the 'Ground School' lessons in person. 

Of course, your instructor will review and reinforce the topics that you learn in your Ground Lessons, and expect you to come to class fully prepared and ready to ask any questions that you have about the material.

The better you are prepared for your days' lesson, the less time (and thus money) will be spent ensuring that you understand the information!

A free preview of the first four modules can be sampled -------> HERE

If you decide to purchase the course, please use Media Code 'FLT10434'

In the Sporty's Private Pilot Classroom you will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to Flight (Including basic aerodynamics, engine and control operations)
  2. Straight and Level Flight
  3. Normal Turns, Climbs, and Descents
  4. Taxing
  5. Takeoffs and Landings (Normal, Short, and Soft Field)
  6. Slow flight, Steep Turns, and Stalls
  7. Ground based maneuvers (Rectangular Course, Turns around a point, S-Turns)
  8. Traffic Pattern Operation
  9. Emergency Landings, Rejected Take-offs and Landings
  10. Crosswind Take-offs and Landings
  11. Cross Country Navigation
  12. Weather
  13. Basic Instrument Flight

 A written test based on this information, with a grade of at least 70% must be completed prior to taking the practical flight test.

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